Laurie Bastian (Coach)
Violinist with LSCO and DSSO, instructor of violin and viola

Paul Bagley (Coach)
Violinist with the LSCO, Baltimore Chamber Orchestra, Annapolis Symphony, private studio instructor

Jonas Benson (Coach)
Violist with the LSCO, private studio instructor

Warren Friesen (Co-Director and Coach)
Artistic Director and Conductor of the Lake Superior Chamber Orchestra

Kevin Hoeschen (Coach)
Violist with the LSCO, DSSO, Ordean Orchestra Director, private studio instructor

Jenna Mattson (Co-Director and Coach)
Violinist with the LSCO, DSSO, Superior Middle School Orchestra director, private studio instructor

Peter Swanson (Coach)
Cellist with the LSCO, Prince George Philharmonic, and National Orchestra Institute, and private instructor